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The curtain, a heavily relied on piece of furniture that seem to blend in with the room's colors. They only seem to serve a single purpose, however. They block light out from entering and cover the windows from prying eyes. What if we took this hidden utility and gave it another use?

Yalçın Enerji did that and brought us the Solar Curtain. A patented product that brings us the features of a normal curtain and the ability to generate electricity! It uses photo-voltaic panels to generate 350Wh per square meter of curtain a day! It also comes ready to install and generate. All you have to do is install it like a normal curtain, without the need of an expert's help.

The inverter, battery, sensors and all other circuitry are pre-installed and ready to use. Thus, making your experience an easy and efficient one. The curtain is also customizable to your desire! Be it length, pattern, textile or even design and type of curtain, you will have the freedom to mash up any combination you like! All you have to do is provide us with the dimensions and the details and we'll take care of the rest.

In addition to all that, you get your very own mobile and desktop application to monitor and control your curtain! You can control how much of the curtain is exposed to sunlight, time it to power or charge the battery for a certain time or when it reaches a desired outage, monitor how much you're generating, saving on bills and how much carbon you're preventing from being emitted into the atmosphere!
The best part is it can be used anywhere! As long as you have a window and a good amount of sunlight, you're set to go!

If you wish to read more regarding this topic visit: http://plastoday.com/elektrik-ureten-gunes-perdesi.html


A product patented by Yalçın Enerji, a R & D company focused on innovation and other energy related services.

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