Your Energy, Your Curtain.
The Solar Curtain

The Solar Curtain, basically is a normal, common curtain, but its ability to generate electricity is what sets it aside from a traditional curtain. It uses Photo-Voltaic cells to convert the sunlight to electricity. This makes it a clean and efficient way to harness the sun's energy. In addition, since it is kept inside your house, it is protected from any type of natural damage.It comes ready to use, without any special installation needed. Just like a normal curtain! Within it, the battery, inverter and other components will be pre-installed and set to be easy to use. It can also be washed and cleaned with ease. With it comes the dedicated application and program that allows the user to monitor and control the curtain and its output. It also calculates how much money you saved on bills.

You can customize it to whichever color, material, pattern, design and size you wish. The only limit is your imagination! All you need to do is provide us with the details and the dimensions and we'll do the rest! An interesting feature about the curtain, is that it doesn't need wires to work! With conductive thread and Velcro technology, what used to be a tangled mess of wires and plugs is now neat, elegant and discreet.


The Solar Curtain, naturally has many advantages.


The Solar Curtain is a investment in a smart future.


The Solar Curtain is not bound to a single design, but to whatever suits the user.


The Curtain's efficiency exceeds that of the normal Photo-Voltaic cells.

Environment Friendly

Since it relies solely on Photo-Voltaic cells, it is clean, quiet and harmless to the environment.

Cost Effective

A 4 sq meter curtain can generate up to 33% of a household's annual needs.


It is easy to manage and use and does not require any special installation.


It can blend in with the furniture just as a normal curtain would.

User Friendly

It can be controlled manually, remotely or via its dedicated website/application.

A product patented by Yalçın Enerji, a R & D company focused on innovation and other energy related services.

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